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Motorola GSM Fault Management Technical Audit




Motorola had developed a custom fault management system for their GSM (European cellular phone standard) base stations using Gensym’s G2.  They wanted an expert audit to determine ways they could improve their system, and to see if they could use some new tools being developed at Gensym.

Business Problem

Wireless NetworkMotorola wanted to improve the fault management for their base station software.


Several short consulting engagements, lasting about a week onsite and some time offsite, with a final report and recommendations. The study also concluded that Gensym’s newer beta product (CDG-SymCure) wasn’t yet ready for their applications -- but this provided a list of enhancement needs.


Recommendations were taken by Motorola to improve their existing system.  Motorola agreed that the CDG technology hadn’t yet been developed enough for their needs. However, most of the enhancements were worked into later versions of SymCure.


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