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Intrusion Detection Market Analysis/Business Plan




Gensym had products in the network & systems management area, including the Integrity product line.  They were looking for a way to leverage their business into new areas, and asked for a recommendation and business plan in the Security Management area.

Business Problem

Gensym needed a recommendation on whether or not a profitable business could be built in Security Management.


The most promising area that matched the company’s strengths well turned out to be in host-based network intrusion detection. This was analyzed thoroughly, in terms of market need, and the company’s ability to deliver.  However, it turned out that even in this best case, the company had limitations too strong to overcome given limited resources.  In about two month’s time, the very detailed final recommendations were issued.  A business plan was prepared,  with the recommendation was not to proceed. 


The company agreed that they didn’t have the resources to pursue this business. A large, probably wasteful investment of resources was avoided.


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