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Integrity (Operations Expert) Product Line




Gensym needed a product to help organize scalable solutions for network & systems management, as well as the process industries.

Business Problem

Too much work was required to implement fault management solutions for network & systems management, and delivery times were too unpredictable. The base G2 product was too ad hoc, not providing enough structure. GDA provided structure, but didn’t address problems in a way that encouraged generic “libraries” of solutions that could be applied to a specific site. And, it didn’t scale well to large systems. The lack of generic representation and scalability made GDA unsuitable for use with large-scale networks.


Wireless Network ManagementIntegrity was developed (first called Operations Expert). (Please see the Integrity white papers). While initially targeting the network & systems management market for marketing reasons, the product was carefully designed to have a generic core that could be applied in almost any industry.


We built the product and successfully sold it to numerous customers. Initially, most were in the network & systems management market, but the product was then marketed as “Optegrity” to process industry customers such as Saudi Aramco (see the Integrity white papers for a gas pipeline example.)

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