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We jump many hurdles to automate your systemPerformity LLC now operates the business of Greg Stanley and Associates, providing products and consulting services for automation.  Its target customers are process industry and telecommunications companies, and companies that sell software products and services to these industries.  The consulting leads to successful software applications, products, strategy, and management for automation, fault diagnosis, process monitoring and control, decision support, and other computer applications.

The focus is on Operations Management Automation - improving productivity in managing complex operations through computer applications.  Specialties include fault management (filtering, fault detection, fault diagnosis, corrective action), process monitoring and control, software product development and consulting, strategy, and providing new vision.

Picture of founderThe founder, Greg Stanley, started consulting in 2001, following many years of technical and management experience at Exxon, Gensym, and customers of Gensym.  You can review his resume by clicking on Resumes.  Greg has architected, built, and managed large operations management automation projects and associated software products.  Project customers include the Iridium global satellite-based phone system (fault management), AT&T WorldNet (Internet Service Management), BMC (Software and network management), the NUPEC Japanese government/nuclear industry consortium (nuclear emergency response system), Biosphere II (environmental controls), and others.  Intelsat NOCProcess Control DisplaysHe has developed several software product lines for Gensym for the process industries and for network & systems management.  These projects are described under the “Success Stories” tab.  He has worked extensively in process control and expert systems, with companies such as DuPont, Exxon, CEMEX, Ericsson-HP, Gensym, SmartSignal, SAT, and Integration Objects.  He is a recognized expert in areas such as Fault Diagnosis, Real Time Expert Systems, Data Reconciliation, and developing innovative software products and application solutions.

We are passionate about providing automation solutions.  Experience across multiple industries has shown that Operations Management has a lot in common across many industries.  Personnel sit in front of monitors looking at system schematics, tabular and trended performance data, and alarm event logs. They try to find problems, diagnose the cause of the problems, and take corrective action.  But many analyses and actions are still done manually.  Studies of abnormal operations show that 80% of lost time is in recognizing problems and diagnosing root causes.  The result: excessive downtime and poorer performance.  Operations management automation speeds recognition, diagnosis, and resolution of problems. It reduces costs and improves revenue, with fewer people.

Operations management automation requires components common across all industries (sometimes given different names).  This includes performance monitoring, generation of events based on performance, correlation of events, automated root cause diagnosis, and automation of testing and corrective actions.  Our multi-industry experience allows quicker and more innovative solutions, bringing best practices and ideas from multiple fields.

While our focus is on operations management automation, general consulting and application and software development services are available as well.

Contact information is provided under the “Contact Info” tab.

Performity LLC  In June, 2012, this business was absorbed by Performity LLC .  This web site is operated by Performity LLC at its original address due to its extensive collection of technical documentation already widely referenced on the web.

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