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Symcure / CDG for Fault Diagnosis and Management




Gensym had built a successful business based on providing tools for experts to build diagnostic systems.  Integrity provided a good basis for this, providing quite a bit more structure than Gensym’s base product, G2.  However, solutions still tended to be ad-hoc, which meant that delivery times were not predictable.

Business Problem

A product was needed with a built-in methodology to address the entire fault management problem, including problem detection, symptom correlation, root cause diagnosis, impact prediction for failures, test management (test scheduling and test execution), and automating corrective actions. The need was to speed up applications development by domain experts rather than programmers, provide tools with a built-in methodology, improve its chances of success, and improve the predictability of customization time (reduce implementation risk).


SymCure was productized as a scalable, model based solution that allowed separate represention of the domain managed objects, and fault models, using CDG technology. Please see the the CDG technology white papers for details, and also the BMC use of CDG technology white papers.


The technology was productized by us in beta form for Iridium applications, and in final form as SymCure to coincide with BMC embedded usage. This allows domain experts to focus on building solutions by just building models of systems they understand, rather than focusing on programming.  SycCure was included as part of the Integrity/Optegrity product line.


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