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Founder’s Biography and Resume

Picture of founderDr. Gregory Stanley completed his Chemical Engineering Ph.D degree at Northwestern University.  His thesis and course work focused on computer applications for statistical estimation and fault diagnosis in process networks.  He obtained his MS ChE from Northwestern University, with a thesis on adaptive control systems.  His BS ChE is from Purdue University.   He is the author of over 25 publications, many presented at technical conferences.  He also taught portions of university-sponsored short courses in artificial intelligence.

Greg has over 25 years of experience in developing computer applications and software products for operations management automation in a wide variety of industries, organizations, and international locales.  He has executive management experience and hands-on accomplishments in software development, consulting services & project management, product management, IT operations, R&D, and sales support, with the main emphasis on productizing new technologies.

In his early career, Dr. Stanley implemented advanced optimization, process control, and diagnostic applications in mission-critical plant environments for Exxon Chemical and Exxon Refining.  He created an in-house product combining dynamic simulation and expert systems.  He managed various groups: Advanced Computing Technology, IT operations, Process Control, and other engineering & planning groups.

Next, Greg joined Gensym Corp., a startup that became the leading supplier of software tools for building intelligent operations management systems. He progressed through roles as Product Manager, Director of Applications Development, Principal Scientist, Director of Technical Operations, and VP of Technical Operations (product development, consulting services, and solutions engineering).  Greg also was chief architect for the product lines he started. He conceived and led development of GDA, (a product for monitoring and automation), SymCure (for fault diagnosis), OPAC (for workflow/procedure management and event correlation), and other products.

Greg was the prime technical and management driver establishing Gensym’s business in network management products and services, accounting for half of Gensym's business in recent years. He built the business unit, productizing the results of consulting engagements. He conceived and built an entire software product line (Operations Expert/Integrity) - focusing on internet & IT infrastructure and enterprise-wide fault & performance management.

Greg also architected and managed large consulting projects for operations management automation.  Customers included BMC  (PATROL-diagnose for systems management), AT&T (WorldNet internet service management), Motorola Iridium (satellite communications global control center), Motorola GSM (wireless base station fault management), Biosphere II (environmental monitoring & control), the Japanese government (nuclear emergency response system), and many others.

 In May 2001, Greg started Greg Stanley and Associates, a consulting firm. He has worked with companies such as SmartSignal, SAT (now part of Invensys/Wonderware), and Integration Objects.

Greg also is an advisor and Acting VP of Technology for Integration Objects, a rapidly expanding provider of process automation and integration tools. He leads requirements and design efforts in the implementation of advanced applications, such as knowledge management based systems and operations performance management, primarily for process plants such as refineries.  He  led technology requirements and design for the KnowledgeNet product used for plant business and operations performance management.  He implemented a refinery abnormal condition management system.  He also prepared proposals for potential clients and assisted in preparation of marketing materials and white papers.

Detailed Resume

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